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 Why USA

United States is one of the most sought after destinations for pursuing higher education by Indian students. With more than 4,200 accredited higher educational institutions and a wide variety of courses to choose from, United States provides an opportunity for students to pursue a career of their choice.

   There are many reasons that draw students from India, to pursue their higher education in the U.S

• U.S. universities and colleges are known for their academic excellence and quality assurance. A degree from an accredited U.S university is not only recognized but also sought after, by employers worldwide.
• The long-term career prospects of a student are enhanced, as the method of teaching is designed to apply theoretical knowledge and develop self-confidence, independent thinking and cross-cultural communication skills.
• Most universities provide hands on training and a variety of academic programs and specializations along with the flexibility and freedom to suit your needs and interests.
• A large number of scholarships, fellowships and assistantships are also available to international students. They are also eligible to work for 10 to 20 hours a week to partially meet their expenses.

• Most universities in the U.S. have an office of international students     and services, which can provide a variety of services from campus     orientation to assistance in resume preparation. Personal and     career counseling services are also available
  While the advantages of studying in the U.S. are enormous, it is important that you choose a suitable course and university through careful planning. You would need to seek objective information from reliable sources and weigh the options to make an academically sound decision. When planning, it is important to consider the following

•  US education is Globally recognized
Availability of thousands of top Public / Private universities with    affordable fee

•  Possibilities of Scholarships / Assistantships / Internships

•  Good Job prospects either in US/India in Corporate or MNC’s

•  Part time jobs on/off campus options available

•  Cost of living differs from one area to another but reasonable

•  Chances of Educational loan in India/US at reasonable rate of     interest

• Good Employment Opportunities

•  Students are normally given  F-1 visa (Student visa) for 5 years

•  Good VISA approvals for F1 students.

•  Good Support from local Indian students, which operate as an    association in each and every university (known as ISA or Indian    Student Association)

•  Greater appreciations, Awards/Rewards to the International student    based on academic merit in Master Degree/or any other course at    US




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