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  General Trend
1.80 % of students in top 60-70 ranked schools get some form of support or the other
2.40-60 % of students get financial aid in first semester and the remaining get financial aid after second semester.
3.Getting funding from India is hard/ rare as a professor can not decide if you a good match for his research plus he does not know the Grand he has in hand /Projects. 
4.Generally the order of funding (good to bad) in many Universities

• Biomed, Nano , Medical research in Engineering
• Civil engineering/ Metallurgy, Ceramics, Physics,    Chemistry /sciences
• Mechanical and Chemical/Pharmacy
• EE (some areas like image processing, electromagnetic    can have good chances)
• CS (why? More competition plus people with good    experience come to do MS, profs pick them ; so plan to    get in to schools which have huge campus, eg:    medical schools)


I got ADMIT in a top ranked school but other safe school gave me waiver where do I go?

  Majority of the student community would go for schools, which offer Waiver now, but go to the good school. Even if you don’t get in first SEM you get AID in second SEM, you make good money and can clean the loans you made by paying the first SEM fee-Plus there is a three-letter word called as “JOB”, better the school, better the chances of Job and better the salary. Here you are paid on your talent, not experience – I also did Masters he also did masters – we get same pay – NOPE – even guys at work who graduated from same university can be paid differently. These guys recognize talent and pay according to your skills
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