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  Financial Aid
1.The tuition fee of schools is generally close to $ 10,000 per year.

2.Schools that offer these partial waivers keep their fee at $14,000 and give you a waiver of $4,000.

3.A student in India will feel that he has saved 2 lakhs and will go to that school. Please don’t so such mistakes. It’s just a Trap!
  Which one to pick? A good school or a school with scholarship?

• A teaching assistant or research assistant means complete fee    waiver, both instate and out state.

• Plus over that you make 700 $ to 1000$  a month for working    under a Professor. Hope you see the difference.

• You save 5000+ Make 5000$ a semester. So total net $ 10,000.    This is called Financial AID, not that 1000$ scholarship.

• Schools which give such 1000$ -2000$ don’t have research or any    thing; they do it to attract students. Be sensible and    matured; try    to email Profs, get in touch with them. 

  What is financial AID?

“AID is not free money, one need to work to get money!”
 Following are the form of support which refer as financial AID
• GRA-Graduate Research Assistantship Task: work under a prof ,  research
• GTA-Graduate Teaching Assistantship Task: Help a prof in class, grading, Lab
• GA-Graduate Assistantship Task: Work for department    eg:webmaster
• Fellowship (rare) Task: Paid for research to very talented guys

  And NOT
  SCHOLARSHIP of $2000 or $3000, partial waivers given by some schools, is not an AID in real it is a trap!!!


  International students are expected to take 9 credit hours (3 courses) and the general fee for this will be
  • Out sate fee: $ 4000 to $ 9000 per SEM
  • Instate fee: $2000 per SEM to $4000 per SEM
  • International students are supposed to pay out state fee but with a TA or RA from the university you pay instate fee; some University even waive instate fee for RA’s or TA’s
      What do we get if we have TA, RA or GA?
    University will waive the students out-state fee and pay you salary- if you get a 10 hour RA the general salary is 600-700 per month and a 20 hour RA/TA makes 1200-1500$ a month. (Based on the pay rates of the school). If you get a RA for 10 hours, if you want you can work for 10 hours in library or any where in the campus, International students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week.
      “I got waiver of $ 3000, I got AID”- NO (Why scholarship is not AID)?
    Partial waivers are given generally in schools (low ranked schools), which don’t have money/grants/resources to conduct research and thus no money to pay the students as a RA/TA/GA Generally students who get a partial waiver never end up getting an RA or TA, in other words you are given 3000 and made to pay 20,000. Fee per semester in such schools is generally high, say 7000 per SEM @ 4 sems will be a total fee of over 25,000 USD. Now these schools attract the students by offering a waiver of $ 2000-5000, but the truth is you are paying the remaining $ 20,000. Trust me this is how it works. Education Sector in the US Is a big business, these guys are here to make money, the Education sector in US makes close to 15 billion dollars which is more than what India makes on IT per annum (we call our selves as the IT capital of word, huh)
      Many schools offer 3000$ waiver and also offer RA/TA. How far it is true?
    These schools first of all don’t have many Assistantships (TA’s or RA’s), they will have some but Look when every student is given 3000$ waiver, every student who applied to this school and got an admit come here bcos of that waiver, so result more competition.
      Finally you won’t get AID?
    Not Convincing! Lets understand this --What are top ranked schools? Schools that have research money and grants and places where there are many Undergraduate students attending. “We are masters- Graduate students, why are we bothered about undergrads”- TA or teaching assistant positions are given based on the number of undergrad students, if it is a good school and more number of Americans attend it; we have more number of TA’s and more number of Campus jobs- Also federal grants to schools and the other Govt agencies also depends on number of undergraduate students, if schools have good number of UG’s they have good federal grants.
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